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Fri., 27.10., 8.00 p.m., Bremen

Iman is forced to flee Iran with Maryam and their two daughters after a devastating rumor makes the rounds. Living in constantly changing refugee shelters in Sweden, Iman looks for ways to secure the family’s stay and resumes a career as a wrestler to do so. Life away from the family is not without consequences: Maryam no longer sees a reason to stay in Sweden, communication between the two diminishes and Iman is confronted with the deeper reasons for fleeing.

Milad Alami’s second feature film is a thought-provoking drama that highlights the social pressures on individuals and the contradictory simultaneity of freedom and the lack thereof. With an excellent cast, led by Payman Maadi.

Content warning: depiction of physical violence, blood, suicide
Opponent | S/NOR 2023 | Feature film | R: Milad Alami | 119 min. | Swedish, Farsi with German subtitles