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Tue., 31.10., 7.00 p.m., Bremerhaven

“Someone once asked me, ‘Why don’t you write your biography?’ I replied, ‘Because fucking Virginia Woolf already wrote it back in 1928.'” That’s how Paul B. Preciado’s much-anticipated, Teddy Award-winning film debut opens, in which 25 trans and non-binary people take on the roles of Woolf’s novel character Orlando. The lines between personal narrative and adaptation quickly blur as the Orlandos choreograph exuberant dance routines in waiting rooms, intimately make out with trees, and engage pathologizing psychiatrists in games of chess. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always full of poetry and resilience, they settle scores with the compulsory binary system and set off into a queer utopia.

Nominated for the QueerScope Debut Film Award!

Content warning:

Orlando, My Political Biography | F 2023 | Documentary | R: Paul B. Preciado | 98 min. | French with German subtitles