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Thu., 26.10., 10.15 p.m., Bremen

On the border between reality and fiction, Laura, Tómas and Christian, who want to explore their intimacy and (a)sexuality, embark on an emotional journey. How can the balance between desire and the fear of losing control be achieved?

Radically, Adina Pintilie exposes the psychological and physical taboos of our supposedly sexually liberated times and does not shy away from accompanying people with anxiety disorders and physical disabilities on their way to a fulfilled intimacy.

We are screening the winner of the Golden Bear at the request of the debut film winner in order to present WHO I AM NOT in dialogue. Both films have in common that they develop their very own formal language to portray their protagonists in their intimacy and strength.

Content warning: explicit sex depiction, stroboscopic effects

RO/D/CZ/BG/F 2018 | Experimental | R: Adina Pintilie | 125 min. | German, English with German subtitles