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Wednesday 2023


Wed., 25.10., 5.30 p.m., Bremen

A Happy Man Foto

Marvin, a trans man, lives with Ivan and their two children in Sweden. The unexpected separation from their home country, as well as the slowing down of the whole process of physical and legal transition during the COVID-19 pandemic, intensifies the interaction in their relationship, with their children, relatives and closest colleagues. During this time of subdued timelessness, the two find space for mutual support, acceptance of Marvin’s gender identity, and a redefinition of roles within the family.

Soňa G. Lutherová has a background in social anthropology, and provides an intimate glimpse into the life of a family in this impressive long-term observation, which shows the power of honesty and solidarity in processes of change.

Content warning: Misgendering

SK/CZ 2023 | Documentary | R: Soňa G. Lutherová | 81 min. | Czech, Slovak, Swedish with German subtitles


Wed., 25.10., 8.00 pm, Bremen

Joe is about to be released from a juvenile detention center and longs for self-determination. In fact, all that’s missing is the court’s verdict. But when Joe falls in love with William from the neighboring cell, it becomes clear that it’s not all that simple after all. The question soon arises as to what freedom actually means: to leave or to stay?

This sensitively narrated debut film paints a picture of two young people who love without compromise despite all obstacles, and find ways towards one another through rap, dance and creativity.

Team‘s Favorite!

Content warning:

The Lost Boys | B/F 2023 | Feature film | R: Zeno Graton | 83 min. | French with German subtitles