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Overview 2023

Program Bremen


Tue. 24.10.2023

7.00 p.m.: The Long Short Film Opening Night

Wed. 25.10.2023

5.30 p.m.: A Happy Man

8.00 p.m.: Le Paradis

Thu. 26.10.2023

5.30 p.m.: Hummingbirds (also online)

7.30 p.m.: Award Ceremony: Who I Am Not

10.15 p.m.: Touch Me Not

Fri. 27.10.2023

5.30 p.m.: Les cinq diables

8.00 p.m.: Motståndaren

10.30 p.m.: Passion

Sat. 28.10.2023

3.00 p.m.: Before I Change My Mind

5.30 p.m.: All the Colors of the World Are Between Black and White

8.00 p.m.: Life Is Not a Competition, but I‘m Winning

10.30 p.m.: (Que)erotic Short Film Night

Sun. 29.10.2023

3.00 p.m.: Kokomo City

5.00 p.m.: El castillo (also online)

7.00 p.m.: Esther Newton Made Me Gay (also online)

Program Bremerhaven

Mon. 30.10.2023

7.00 p.m.: Who I Am Not

Tue. 31.10.2023

7.00 p.m.: Orlando, ma biographie politique

Wed. 1.11.2023

7.00 p.m.: Short Film Night