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Sat., 28.10., 3.00 p.m., Bremen

It is 1987 in the Canadian province of Alberta. Robin is the “new kid” at school. “Are you a boy or a girl?” – Robin leaves the question hanging in the air. There are other challenges: arriving in the new environment, forming alliances, coming to grips with the complex relationship with school bully Carter, all while navigating the adolescent emotional world.

The film is Trevor Anderson’s feature debut, inspired by his own youth. In doing so, Anderson succeeds in making a coming-of-age film that refreshingly subverts the clichés of the genre. Robin doesn’t meet the classic requirements of a queer main character, making them particularly interesting. Including queer adult characters and a school musical with a Cyndi Lauper aesthetic.

Content warning: depiction of bullying
CDN 2022 | Feature film | R: Trevor Anderson | 89 min. | English with German subtitles