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Sun., 29.10., 3.00 p.m., Bremen

Daniella Carter and Dominique Silver from New York City as well as Liyah Mitchell and Koko Da Doll (†) from Atlanta are trans, Black and sex workers. Like a sleepover, they tell D. Smith – responsible for directing, writing, producing, cinematography, editing, and (an exceedingly nice) soundtrack – about their lives, their work, the violence they experience along the way, and their place in the Black community. Despite a successful career as a producer for Lil Wayne, Billy Porter and Katy Perry, among others, D. Smith was forced out of the music industry when she began her own transition. Middle-aged and homeless, the idea for the film was born out of the thought: What would happen if I myself were also dependent on sex work? Panorama Audience Award at the Berlinale.

Nominated for the QueerScope Debut Film Award!

Content warning: mention of child abuse, trans murders, police brutality, sexual assault, and anti-Black racism.

USA 2023 | Documentary | R: D. Smith | 73 min. | English with German subtitles