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Sat., 28.10., 10.30 p.m., Bremen

Moderation with sign language interpretation

Are you in the mood for a hot start into Saturday night, darlings? It’s going to be hot hot hot again at the queerfilm festival! Touching, kinky, vulnerable, wild and sometimes with humor you are lead through the queer-erotic short films. We wish you a lustful night, sweethearts.

In order to prepare you according to your needs, we will give short speeches between the films to inform you about the content of the respective short films. We will distribute handouts beforehand. There will also be a longer break.

Jamal Phoenix’s ass on the big screen? There you go! But ASS is clearly more complex, as Jamal and director Emre Busse confront us in GODASSES with the relationship of pornographic images and their audience, attempting a redefinition of desirable bodies in the process.

Desire and fantasy blur the boundaries in PELO DE GATE. Each explores the body of the other and themselves. In MELTING POINT, we literally experience how hot this can get between lovers through the thermal imaging camera.

Meanwhile, Bob the plumber is hired to fix a broken pipe in PIPES and, to his surprise, ends up in a gay fetish club. The performers of W/HOLE also lure us into a glittery pink club dream with dirty gestures and filthy looks. They explore each other with their hands, their faces and their tongues. Elsewhere, (a) FIST, dressed in latex, indulges with pleasure.

WANT is hot! Sexually explicit images interwoven with everyday moments give a revealing, complex, honest and sexy picture of disability. Likewise, Kitty rediscovers their sexuality after trauma through rope bondage and finds a home in their own fat, disabled and Brown body in WHAT YOU DIDN’T STEAL FROM ME. Black, Indigenous and People of Color from the porn industry come together for a KITCHEN TALK. Crying, laughing and hugging each other.

Content warning: (mentioned during the speeches)

Estimated 80 min., incl. intermission and speeches | Original languages with subtitles