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Sun., 29.10., 7.00 p.m., Bremen & online

It’s 2018: Esther Newton is presented with the award of the Association for Queer Anthropology. A room full of people clap enthusiastically, one person proudly presenting a t-shirt that reads “Esther Newton Made Me Gay.” But who is Esther Newton? Back in the 1960s, she wrote her dissertation on the U.S. drag scene – a year before Stonewall, at a time when it could easily mean career-ending – and her decades of work laid a foundation for today’s gender and queer studies.

This documentary is about Esther Newton’s lifelong love of anthropology, her time in the lesbian feminist movement, and her second great passion: training dogs for skill competitions.

Content warning:

USA 2022 | Documentary | R: Jean Carlomusto | 92 min. | English with German subtitles